Kerala Cop’s Story About His Son’s Career Choice Is The Lesson In Parenting We All Need

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Psychological concerns among school kids are on the rise, especially behavioural issues and suicides fuelled by unrealistic expectations set by parents and society.

Kerala Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh

Pressure from parents to perform well in exams and go on to pick a career not of their own choice can have a devastating impact on kids. Yet there are many who still go down this destructive path.

In a bid to stop this vicious circle, a Kerala top cop has come forward to share the story of his son to sensitise parents.

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In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, current Kerala Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh talks at length about how he never imposed restrictions when it came to career and education on his son.

Singh stressed on the fact that unnecessary pressure on kids is the root cause for all the suicides and mental health crisis among them. He says that kids have a way to understand things and it’s only by allowing them to follow their passion, they can excel in life.

A New Indian Express quoted him as saying, ‘”My son had little interest in studies. His marks were always around 58 or 60%. He never scored more than that. One day I confronted him and asked him for an explanation. He told me he can do this much only. I never bothered him again,” Rishiraj said.

“He got only 62% marks in Class XII. I asked him what’s next. He told me that he wishes to do a Diploma in animation. I let him do what he wanted to and applied for an education loan,” he said.

After schooling his son decided to join  film studio in Mumbai, his passion led him to apply for Steven Spielberg’s studio in Bengaluru. Singh says that he cracked the entrance with ease, with onto study in London and has now made a life of his own.

Singh is thankful for the allowing his son for doing exactly what he happened, forcing him to join the police force like him would have definitely had devastating consequences he adds.

Source: India Times

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