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Several of our trained fledglings have successfully assimilated knowledge and skills imparted to them and are making a difference in their respective fields

JobReady Training Recruitment Services


Jobready™ empowers students with the right tools and comprehensive training to help them overcome challenges faced during position specific resume writing, job search, group discussions and interviews. Learn more....

Smartelix Individual Development Programs

Individual Development

We help individuals structure their career by creating individual development plans, setting goals, exploring different opportunities and challenges among others. Our focus is on ultimately securing a more impactful career for the individual. Know more.....

Smartelix Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

Our in-house team of experts will take you through the resume writing process. They will create a recruiter friendly resume that will not only highlight your accomplishments but also summarize your expertise in a structured way.

Smartelix Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Skills Development

Smartelix™ empowers professionals with the adequate tools, skills and brings about a change in behavioral aspects to make them leaders for the future. Know more...

Smartelix Entrepreneurship Development Programs

Entrepreneurship Development

We play a critical role in the development of entrepreneurs by strategically guiding them through the various phases of business i.e. from idea-planning-execution-enhancement. Learn more....

Smartelix Professional Development Programs

Professional Skills Development

Our workshops intend to sharpen professional skills and transform people into successful, fulfilled individuals. Learn more....